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Bird Olympics

Watch the video to see what Bournda EEC down the South Coast has done to bring back the Bird Olympics. Ours will be based on what Doug Reckord has done at Bournda EEC with same events, with the hope we can provide students to challenge their South Coast Bird Olympic champions.

Bournda Environmental Education Centre Bird Olympics

A video of the first Bird Olympics held at Bournda EEC.

Video length is 4:34 minutes.

Transcript of the video (PDF 83.5KB)

Who will be involved

  • Team of 4-6 students from each one of your school from Stage 2-3
  • Local bird experts Involved as judges and bid support
  • Local artists

Events throughout the day

  • Bird Identification – Students will be shown pictures of local birds and must correctly name them to get the “worm”.
  • Identifying Bird Calls – The team that can correctly identify the greatest number of calls, will have something to tweet about.
  • Birds of a Feather – A selection of bird feathers will be provided that students must identify.
  • Bird Brains – Some quick trivia questions that will get the ornithological whiz kids working hard!
  • Creative Art for the Birds – The students’ artistic talents will focus on birds and created works will form part of a special exhibition at Coonabarabran’s Old Gallery .
  • The Noble Art of Bird Calling – students do their best impression of the call of a named species of bird and re-live the glories of past champions!


$80 per school and recess and lunch provided.