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Earth and Environmental Science – Human Impacts Depth Study

Impact of introduced species on grassy box woodland ecosystems

Inquiry Question:  How do introduced species affect the Australian environment and ecosystems?


● outline the biotic and abiotic effects of introduced species 

● conduct an investigation into a local introduced species, including: 

– reason for introducing the species 

– biotic and abiotic effects of the species 

– area affected by the species 

– human impacts that favour the introduced species 

– control or mitigation methods – economic impact of the species 

– different views about the value of and/or harm caused by the introduced species, including the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 

● analyse ways in which human activity can upset the balance of ecosystems and favour introduced species (ACSES027) 

● describe ways in which introduced species contribute to the decline or extinction of native Australian species (ACSES081)

Woodland Restoration ESS Human Impacts Depth Study 2023

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