Warrumbungle National Park Environmental Education Centre

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Nature's story

Students will be introduced to the basic techniques and methods of digital photography and photo editing on an iPad.

Using an iPad shared between two, students wander around the unique Warrumbungle National Park around the WNPEEC including the plains, rugged cliffs and the creeks taking a portfolio of photographs that portray the special features of Nature. Students are also given solitude time in nature and develop a word bank.

Upon return back to the WNPEEC, students select a great photo to be printed and framed. They also make a montage of images and words to convey Nature’s Story, practising skills in visual literacy.

Printed images will be used to form a class collection for an environmental art appreciation session.

Nature's story program costs

$10 per student (GST free) + $1.10 for Warrumbungle National Park entry

Non-DET Schools $15 per student (GST free) + $1.10 for Warrumbungle National Park day entry

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