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Biology - Ecosystem dynamics

In-depth study for year 11 Biology students.

Inquiry Question:  “What effect can one species have on the other species in a community?”


  • investigate and determine relationships between biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem, including: ACSBL019
  • the impact of abiotic factors ACSBL021, ACSBL022, ACSBL025
  • the impact of biotic factors, including predation, competition and symbiotic relationships ACSBL024
  • the ecological niches occupied by species ACSBL023
  • predicting consequences for populations in ecosystems due to predation, competition, symbiosis and disease ACSBL019, ACSBL020
  • measuring populations of organisms using sampling techniques ACSBL003, ACSBL015

Ecosystem Study at WNPEEC for New Biology Syllabus  Please print out a copy for each student.

Biology Depth Study Program trailer 

Year 11 Biology - Ecosystem dynamics program cost

DET Schools $10 per student (GST free) + $1.10 for Warrumbungle National Park day entry

Non-DET Schools $15 per student (GST free) + $1.10 for Warrumbungle National Park day entry

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